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A very small percentage dt people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain 
visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. 
Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed 
condition that can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching 
video games. 

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered 
vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, 
confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of 
consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down Dr striking 
nearby objects. 

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these 

symptoms. Parents should watch for or asktheir children aboutthe above symptoms- 
children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. 

The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by sitting farther from the 
television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-lit room, and not 
playing when you are drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor 
before playing. 


The Xbox* Instruction Manual contains important health and safety information that 
you should read and understand before using this software. 


Do not use with certain televisions. Some televisions, especially front- or rear- 
projection types, can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, are 
played on them. Static images presented during the normal course of game play may 
"burn in" to the screen, causing a permanent shadow of the static image to appear at 
ail times, even when video games are not being played. Similar damage may occur 
from static images created when placing a video game on hold or pause. Consult your 
television owner's manual to determine if video games can be safely played safely on 
your set. If you are unable to find this information in the owner's manual, contact your 
television dealer or the manufacturer to determine if video games can be played 
safely on your set. 

Unauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance rental 
pay for play, or circumvention Df copy protection is strictly prohibited. 


Game Controls 

Movement Controls 

Look Controls 

Weapon Controls 

Main Menu 

The Single Player Game ,.., 

Playingthe Game 


Connect to Xbox Live 


Product License Agreement 
Customer Support 

.. 2 
.. 2 
.. 3 
.. 3 
. 4 
. 4 
. 5 
. 8 
. 8 



© button 

left thumbstick 


O button 

© button 

Black button 
White button 

directional pad 

right thumbstick 


The default movement controls are as follows; 


Default Key 



f left thumbstick 

Walk forward. 


4~ left thumbstick 

Walk backward. 

Move Left 

^ m Soft thumbstick 

Sidestep to the left. 

Move Right 

^ left thumbstick 

Sidestep to the right. 


© button 

Stand upright from either the 
Crouching or Prone position. 
Press again to Jump. 

Goto Crouch 

© button 

Crouch from either the 
Standing or Prone position. 

Go to Prone 

Press and hold 
the © button 

Lie prone from either the 
Standing or Crouched position. 


You may choose to invert Aim controls for your controller from the controls 
screen in the Options menu. 


The default weapon-related buttons are as follows: 


Default Key 



Right thumbstick 

Fire weapon. 

Aim Down the 

Left thumbstick 

Hold down the trigger to go 
to Aim Down the Sight 
mode of your gun. Release 
to return to From the Hip 
Firing mode. 

Melee Attack 

Click right 

Strike the enemy with the 
butt of your gun. 

Reload Weapon 

© button 

Reload weapon. 

Switch Weapon 

O button 

Switch between your primary 
and secondary weapons. 

Throw Smoke 

Press ^ on the 
directional pad 

Throw a Smoke grenade. 


Press 4" on the 
directional pad 

Throw a Frag grenade. If you 

hold the button down, you may 
cook-the grenade. The bars that 
disappear at the center of the 
screen tell you how much time 
you have left to throw it before 
it explodes. 


Click left 

Use Binoculars to survey 

the battlefield on certain levels. 

Hold Breath 

Click and hold 
left thumbstick 

Hold your breath to steady 
your aim (Sniper Rifles only) 
while in ACS, 



Default Key 


Show Objectives/ 


Bring up a list of your mission 
objectives in Single Player, and 
the scoreboard in Multiplayer, 


© button 

Use, pickup, drop off and 
otherwise interact with items 
and vehicles. 


After you view the introductory movie, the game's Main Menu 
will appear. 

From this menu you can launch Single Player, switch to the Multiplayer 
portion of Call of Duty* 3, access the Profiles menu and access Bonus 
Material (once unlocked). 

To start a single-player game, select Single Player from the Call of Duty 3 
Main Menu. 

Multiplayer -Access the Multiplayer part of Call of Duty 3. 

Profiles - Configure your controls and adjust audio/video settings. 

Bonus Material -View unlocked materials. 


In Call of Duty 3, get closer than ever to the fury of combat as an 
Allied soldier in World War I I's most intense military operation, the 
Normandy Breakout Campaign. Battle Actions bring you face to face 
with German forces. Multiple attack routes let you decide whether to 
ffank your enemy or hit him head on. 

New Game -Launch a new Call of Duty 3 game horn the beginning of 
the campaign. 

Continue - Load the game you were playing from your last Checkpoint, 
so you can continue your progress through the campaigns. This option 


is displayed only after starting a mission. This option is displayed in gray 
before you start any single-player gameplay, but will become available 
afteryou've begun a single-player campaign. 

Chapter Select - Select an unlocked chapter. Play any mission you 

currently have unlocked. After selecting your mission, choose your 
difficulty level from one of the three options available. 


Before each mission you'll receive a briefing. These will frequently be in 
the form of orders from your superiors. Thesa briefings will often provide 
crucial information about your objectives and the dangers you will face. 
Study them carefully. They could save your life. 




Grenade Indicator 



Compass - It shows the direction you are facing and the location of nearby 
allies (green arrows), and enemies (red dots). Your current objective is also 
marked with a gold star. 

Ammunition Counter -The first number indicates how many rounds are in 

your current weapon. The second number indicates the total number of 

rounds you carry. 

Crosshair - Use your crosshair to aim your weapon at your enemies. 
When you run or walk, your crosshair will widen, indicating the lack of 
accuracy that comes from attempting to aim while moving. If a friendly is 
in your line of fire, pressing the Fire button will ask individuals to move out 
of your line of sight. 

Damage Indicator -When you take damage from enemy fire, a red arrow 
will appear near the center of the screen, indicating the general direction 
from which you were hit. If the arrow points upward, the enemy is in your 
forward arc. tf the arrow points downward, the enemy is hitting you 
from behind. 

Grenade Indicator- When an ally or an enemy throws a grenade near 
you, a small grenade-shaped icon with a triangle will appear, indicating 
the direction of the grenade in relation to your position. If the grenade 
is close enough to you, you'll see a hand icon indicating that the grenade 
can be thrown back. To throw back a grenade once you've picked it 
up, quickly press the Throw Grenade button before the grenade blows 
up in your hand. 

Use Icon - This indicator appears when there is an item you can pick up 
or use. This could be anything from a weapon to a vehicle, in order to use 
the item, press your Use button. With certain functions, such as entering 
vehicles, you must press and hold the Use button. 

Objective Text -This text gives you critical information on your mission. 
Stance Indicator- This indicator displays your current stance — 
standing/crouching/prone. While crouching and going prone, your 
movement speed is slower, but your accuracy is increased. 


Every gun has an Aim Down the Sight mode. This brings the weapon 
up from your hip to your face so you can look down the sight (or into the 
scope, in the case of Sniper Rifles). Using ADS on MG34s and .30 CALs 
causes you to drop to the ground and deploy, Aiming Down the Sight gives 
you a slight zoom effect, enabling you to be more accurate. However, 
while Aiming Down the Sight, you'll move much slower than normal. 


Sometimes you may run out of ammo just as the enemy has you cornered. 
It might be ideal to take him out with a quick, offensive maneuver. The 
Melee action can be useful in these hectic life-or-death situations. 

Close-quarter battle mechanics bring you face-to-face with your enemy. 


When your weapon runs out of ammunition, you will automatically reload. 
Watch your ammo counter carefully! Reloading in the middle of a firefight 
takes time and leaves you unable to defend yourself. You can manually 
reload your weapon between fights with the Reload button. In Single 
Player games, if you're low on ammo, pick up extra ammunition from a 
fallen comrade's weapon of the same type by running over it. If you can't 
find any ammo for your weapon, grab a weapon from a fallen enemy. 


When you see a weapon on the ground, you can swap it for one of your 
weapons. To swap weapons, stand over the weapon and when you see 
the Use Indicator, press and hold the Use button. You'll automatically drop 
your current weapon and pick up the new weapon. Picking up items is 
as simple as pointing your crosshair at the item and pressing the Use 
button, or, in the case of ammunition, walking over it 


Throughout your campaign, mission objectives will change. Press and 
hold the Show Objectives/Score button i «» i to show your mission 
objectives and show your status on each one. 

■ Incomplete or in-progress mission objectives appear within a 
gray box. 

• Completed mission objectives appear with a green check mark. 

■ ■ 



Select the Multiplayer option from the Main Menu. Ydu'H he presented with 
these choices: 

• Xbox Live® - Go to the Multiplayer menu to search for games using 
Xbox Live. 

* System Link - Use this option to set up and host your own 
multiplayer games using System Link. 

Connecting to Your ISP 

For Internet play, we recommend that you do not use routers, but if you do, 

enable port forwarding. Consult your Xbox Live manuals for information on 
how to set up Xbox Live. 


Take Call of Duty 3 Beyond the Box 

Xbox Live is a high-speed or broadband Internet gaming community 
where you can create a permanent gamer identity, set up a Friends 
list with other players, see when they're online, and receive invitations 
to play games. For games with multiplayer mode, invite your Friends 
to play, and talk to them in real-time as you play. For games with 
downloadable content, download <new levels, missions, weapons, 
vehicles, and more> to your Xbox console. 


Before you can use Xbox Live, you need to connect your Xbox console 
to a high-speed or broadband Internet connection and sign up for the 
Xbox Live service. To determine if Xbox Live is available in your 
region and for information about connecting to Xbox Live, see 

Creating and Connecting to Games 

After selecting whether you would like to play a game using Xbox Live 
or System Link, you may then select Quickmatch to get into a game 

quickly, Opti match to select specific game parameters for a game you 
wish to join, or Create Match to create your own game. 

Afore; By playing online, you must leave the Activision-controlled environment 
in Call of Duty 3. The content of the game may change during online play due 
to, among other things, interactive exchanges. Activision and Trey arch take no 
responsibility for content external to the game itself. 


Sometimes, the battlefield is strewn with vehicles that the resourceful 
player can utilize to his advantage. When you find a vehicle that you wish 
to use, press and hold the Use button to enter it. Multiple players can 
occupy the vehicles, taking different positions inside. To switch positions 
from Driver, Passenger or Gunner, press the Jump button. To fire the 
machine gun in many vehicles, pull the right trigger. Beware of overusing 
the automatic guns; they will eventually overheat! 


Sometimes you need to quickly put a lot of distance between you and 
the enemy. The best way to do this is to utilize the Sprint feature. Click and 
bold the left thumbstick to run. Watch your Stance Indicator, though! The 
longer you sprint, the more fatigued you become. Moving at a normal 
speed will allow your body to regenerate lost stamina. 

Capturing Enemy Flags 

In the game types Capture the Flag and Single Flag Capture the Flag, you 
must capture the opposing team's flag. You may do this by approaching 
their flag, and pressing the Use button to pick it up. You can drop it by 
pulling the right trigger. The flag carrier can Melee attack with the flag by 
pressing the Melee button. 


All classes are awarded points for using their special abilities. In addition, 
players accrue score points for completing objectives, utilizing their 
special abilities, not just for kills. You may find yourself moving up in rank, 
decreasing recharge time for special abilities and allowing you to carry 
more ammunition and grenades. 

On the display in the Class Selection screen, you may see how each of the 
Classes stack up based on factors like accuracy, range and firepower. 

Special Grenades 

Each Class carries a single type of Grenades, such as Smoke, 
Fragmentation and Sticky grenades (more precise to place. Try putting 
one on a vehicle!). 

The classes each have unique abilities. Use the Black button to 
engage them. 


This class is adept at medium-long range combat, favoring a rifle to take 
down his enemies. His secondary weapon is a pistol. The pistol is the 
secondary weapon of ALL classes. 

Light Assault 

This class starts with a Submachine gun. This also spawns with Sticky 
grenades which stick to anything that they are thrown at. You can plant 
Mines as well. 

Heavy Assault 

This class starts with an Assault Rifle and has the ability to place Mines, 


This class has the unique ability to revive fallen comrades. If the Medic 
approaches a fallen aliy, the Medic can use the class ability to revive 
them, ready for battle. After the Medic has used the revive ability, the 
Medic must wait until the Special Ability meter on the right side of the 
screen fills before the Medic can use it again. 


This class is useful for those who prefer long-range combat. It comes 
with a Sniper Rifle, and has the unique ability to use Binoculars to call in 
Artillery Strikes on foes. Much like the Medic, the Scout must wait until 
the Special Ability meter on the right of the screen fills before being able 
to use the Special Ability again. 


This class starts with a Machine Gun that can be set up on the ground 

to rain down fire on opponents from a stationary position. Support 

also has the ability to drop ammo packs to refill allies' weapons. After 

achieving higher ranks, the number of ammo packs Support Class 

can drop increases. Higher rank also allows resupplying of special class 


weapons like Mines and Rifle Grenades. Like other abilities, this too can be 
recharged overtime. 


This class starts with the Anti-tank weapon as the main weapon. 
Anti-armor may use this to destroy vehicles, and combat heavy armor 
effectively. You also have the special ability of dropping ammo packs to 
help teammates. The number of ammo packs Anti-armor can drop is 
affected by your rank. 

Note: Class-specific abilities are not available in Battle mode.